Find a Coffee Shop in Fenton, Michigan

Find a Coffee Shop in Fenton, Michigan

Visit a highly rated restaurant

Do you thrive on fresh coffee? Do you enjoy the best of the best Italian based Illy coffee? If so, visit Goki Goki Korean BBQ & Specialty Meat Market. We feature friendly servers and a fantastic menu. At our coffee counter, you’ll find the awesome food and drink items you need to keep on cruising through your day. Our barista will be happy to pour you a cup of tasty Italian Illy coffee ranging from something refreshing and cold to something uplifting and warm. The Illy coffee that we provide is of the best quality, taste, and variety as there are numerous options for ANY coffee drinker to enjoy.

Don’t settle for boring coffee from a fast food restaurant – enjoy a cup of something delicious at Goki Goki.

Order a tasty treat in Fenton, Michigan

Are you in the mood for a yummy breakfast? Place your order at Goki Goki in Fenton, Michigan. Our restaurant serves amazing food items for:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dessert

Call 810-215-1117 to place your order.